The “How to buy Last Chance To Hear” Episode

If you are thinking about picking up a copy of Last Chance To Hear and haven’t yet, I’d just like to point out some of the excellent vendors online:

Germany: Just For Kicks Music

Netherlands: Beyond Rock Mail Order

USA: The Laser’s Edge

USA: Syn-Phonic Music

USA: CD Baby

Australia: Red Eye Records

And of course, worldwide, there’s good old Bandcamp, selling both digital and physical. If you purchase the CD/DVD from here, you get an immediate digital download to tide you over until the postman arrives!

So much news!

Last Chance To Hear - Packaging

Last Chance To Hear – Packaging

Well, the word is out. This Tuesday, my album “Last Chance To Hear” is finally being released on Bandcamp!

And I’m incredibly excited to announce that one track features a very special guest vocalist… None other than William Shatner!

Meanwhile a new single, “The Remarkable Man”, is now up on Youtube:

“Last Chance To Hear” Album Launch

My album launch for “Last Chance To Hear” is on 8 April! Come along for a rare live performance of old and new tracks, and partake of some fine drink appreciation with me (responsibly).

Album Launch Details

TuneLeaks Completed!

Well, the “Last Chance To Hear” album is now completed, the artwork almost nailed, and we’re just about ready to ship everything off for manufacture.

Thank you everyone who came along on the TuneLeak journey! You will receive more information later this week about ordering “Last Chance To Hear” from my Bandcamp page, if you are so inclined.

This was a fun experiment! Based on your feedback and my own experience, I’ll definitely do something similar for the next album, maybe with a couple of changes.

New TuneLeak! – Last Chance To Hear Part 1

Unleashing… the opening track from my new album-in-progress, Last Chance To Hear!

Appropriately titled, “Last Chance To Hear Part 1”.

(Yes, there is a Part 2 and it will most likely close the album.)

This is perhaps a little more over-the-top for me than usual – one part demented chat show theme and one part acerbic call to arms. Then everything goes to heck.

You can listen to it (and purchase) right here.

As always, the new track is available for download from the TuneLeak website. If you purchase it, you’ll receive an equal discount off the album once it becomes available. Everybody wins!

Revenge Of Dr Komodo (New TuneLeak!)

Hi and welcome to the first TuneLeak for 2015!

Revenge Of Dr Komodo – available for purchase here!

In this new track, Progressive Rock and Rockabilly ignore the advice of their friends and spend an unforgettable night together in an unbridled fit of forbidden passion. The result speaks for itself.

Revenge Of Dr Komodo is most likely the third part of a new mini-suite for my new album, Last Chance To Hear. But all those part numbers get confusing after a while, so this time I gave the track a proper name. The villainous Dr Komodo bears no relation to the otherwise similarly-manic bass player in the accompanying video.

The usual TuneLeak rules still apply! If you’re kind enough to purchase Revenge Of Dr Komodo, you’ll receive the same amount as a discount off the album when it’s released.

And for the eagle-eared amongst you, Revenge Of Dr Komodo also marks the triumphant return of the duck from Diabolique

Merry Holidays and New TuneLeak!

“The scourge of the city I spy in the sky…”

And so, the centrepiece of the new album (so far) begins. Or continues. Or concludes. Whatever.

Merry holidays everyone!

Hope you have a wonderful break, if you’re lucky enough to get one. I’ll be thinking of you all here as I enjoy a cold rum on a hot Christmas morning.

Now, as a self-indulgent present to myself and anyone else who might be interested, I finally “finished” the Spy In The Sky suite. (At this time of year we prefer not to use the term “abandoned”.)

Spy In The Sky Part 3 is an 8-minute sonic immersion of dense production, whispered lyrics and dueling solos. It’s now streaming at TuneLeak, and also available there for download. You probably know the deal by now. If you purchase the song from TuneLeak, you’ll get an equal discount off the album when it comes out, and earn my everlasting gratitude:

Thank you for your support through 2014! Next year should bring the new album Last Chance To Hear, some live work, and more TuneLeaks from other projects…

best wishes

New TuneLeak – Spy In The Sky Part 2

Spy In The Sky Part 2 is the latest track sort-of-completed from my album-in-progress, Last Chance To Hear.

Part 1 has already been leaked. Part 3, the extended finale, is wrecking my head as you read this. Part 2 is the big transition. Prepare to be shocked by my first-ever use of drum machine samples and hints of electronica!

As always, the usual TuneLeak deal applies. If you’re kind enough to purchase the download, you’ll receive the amount you spend as a discount off the album when it’s finished.

You can take a listen here.