Episode 3 of The Forbidden Show Of Mystery

The fantastic phenomenon that is The Forbidden Show Of Mystery surges onward and upward through to a third episode, showing no sign of abating!

All aboard as Ben Craven & The Section take you on a nautical voyage from hell with a special extended version of Captain Caper, as heard on the recent release, Dissected.

Vintage footage from the ship’s log is also featured, including a rare acoustic rendition of Psycho Killer from the Great & Terrible Potions album launch.

New Interview With Rael



I was recently interviewed by Rael for the Prog Rock show on Voice FM in Ballarat.

We talked about all sorts of things, including my latest video and audio release, Dissected.

Courtesy of Rael, here’s the full interview!

Part 1 (Introduction)

Part 2 (Dissected, the 3-piece, Yes, Great & Terrible Potions, Two False Idols, new song arrangements, Chris Squire)

Part 3 (the studio, Dissected video, playing live, The Forbidden Show Of Mystery, CDs vs digital downloads)

Part 4 (Roger Dean, Captain Caper, No Specific Harm, Golden Band)

Part 5 (day jobs, new album, instrumentals vs vocals)

Ben Craven & The Section announces search for new vocalist and guitarist

[Edit: Never fear. Look at the date.]

Ben Craven & The Section has announced the departure of founding vocalist/guitarist Ben Craven.

The remaining band members will retain the rights to the name through the formation of new legal entity, Ben Craven & The Section Music 2014 Limited.

“We wish Ben all the best in his future musical endeavours and hope to put all this acrimony behind us,” says the band. “Naturally we will miss his artistic input but we are confident the addition of a new vocalist and new guitarist will make the three-piece stronger than ever.”

In a move that has surprised Australian music industry insiders, the replacement musicians will be auditioned and ultimately selected on a new reality television show entitled Ben Craven & The Section & You?

“We are excited to be help uncover young new musical talent and give something back to the industry that has served us so well,” enthused band members.

Ben Craven & The Section & You? will screen on C31 on Sunday evenings commencing 4 May. The show will be produced by Desert Comb Music and Ben Craven.

Dissected – Now available for download!



After completing my last album, Great & Terrible Potions, I began thinking about how I could possibly perform it live.

Upon returning from the hills, still screaming, I fell in with a three-piece band instead. Throwing the original song arrangements out the window, we rehearsed over a period of months, generally late at nights so as to avoid all natural light. Practising the subtle arts of refining and distilling, we pieced together new versions of old and not-so-old songs.

Unfortunately we found ourselves forgetting some of the new arrangements, so we decided to spend a day recording in the studio. The audio release, Dissected, is what happened that day.

Luckily the cameras just happened to be rolling. The resulting film, which is also called Dissected, captures our performances and documents the shenanigans and tomfoolery in which we engaged.

Several takes of each song were recorded and filmed throughout the day. The eagle-eyed amongst you might think you spot the odd “continuity error” during the film. These would, of course, be nothing of the sort whatsoever. In fact, they would be much more correctly interpreted as exciting opportunities for artistic editing decisions by the director.

Dissected is now available for download and preview

  • At Bandcamp (audio only)
  • In the Music Store on this website! (audio and video)

View the trailer:

Episode 2 of The Forbidden Show Of Mystery

The runaway hit progressive-rock-musical-variety web show of 2013 is back. That’s right, Episode 2 of The Forbidden Show Of Mystery is now live on YouTube!

In this episode, there’s a clip from “Dissected”, the upcoming audio/video release from Ben Craven & The Section (which I’m sure I’ll be telling you more about in another post very shortly). Plus we have a a couple of Pink Floyd covers thrown in for good measure. Watch it now and get extra cheese, for free.

All in all, I can think of many more unpleasant ways to spend a quiet evening. And that’s my personal guarantee to you.

Theme From The Forbidden Show Of Mystery

By popular demand, here’s the full version of the theme for my musical variety talk show. The boys from The Manhattan Mob and I are actually up for an Australian Independent Music Award for this tomorrow night!

Introducing… The Forbidden Show Of Mystery!‏

Introducing… The Forbidden Show Of Mystery!

The world’s premier progressive-rock-musical-variety-chat web show!

Join me on the very first episode when Australian proggers Ben Craven & The Section (that’s us) are interviewed by Kevin Mulryne (the voice of Yes Music Podcast) and perform selections from the albums Great & Terrible Potions and Two False Idols.

Future episodes of The Forbidden Show Of Mystery are in production, however in order to maintain appropriate levels of both forbiddance and mysteriousness, their exact content and scheduling cannot be revealed at this time.

But you can tell by the lovingly-crafted insanely-catchy lyrically-diverse theme song that I mean business.

I am hopeful that The Forbidden Show Of Mystery will eventually claim its rightful timeslot at approximately 3am on community television.

Fender Blues Junior III mods


Fender Blues Junior

Fender Blues Junior

Like many guitarists, I am the proud owner of a Fender Blues Junior amplifier. Picked it up for a song when a major Australian music retailer went bust a while ago. It’s a nice little amp but many people on the interwebs complain that, stock, it sounds “boxy” and lacks bottom end. This is mainly a symptom of cramming a 12 inch speaker into such a small cabinet. Fortunately there are plenty of ways of improving the sound.Continue reading

Live podcast available for download

As you might remember, Ben Craven & The Section performed live for a video webcast a few weeks ago.

We were interviewed by Kevin Mulryne from Yes Music Podcast in the UK and played four songs – Diabolique, Nobody Dies Forever, Golden Band and No Specific Harm. It was a grand experiment in online streaming and tested the limits of my internet connection and Google’s capabilities. Plus there were hijinks and mayhem and laughs all round. Especially hijinks.

The podcast is now available for download. Grab yourself a copy and if you have any requests for a future streaming event, please let me know!


Mailing List Update – Live Video Podcast 11 May

Hi everyone

Been a while since my last email, so I hope you’re doing well.

Just wanted to let you know that Ben Craven & The Section (that’s us), in proud association with Kevin Mulryne at Yes Music Podcast, will be holding a live video podcast this coming Saturday, 11 May, at 14:00 UTC.

I believe that’s 3pm in London, 10am on the US east coast, 7am on the US west coast (sorry about that – we’ll set a better time next time!) and midnight here in Brisbane, Australia. Please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes there..

We’ll have a chat with Kevin, perform a few songs live in the studio, and aim not to resort to all sorts of increasingly desperate measures to be entertaining.

If this works out, I plan to do more like it. If it doesn’t, I plan to get it right and do more anyway. It’s difficult to tour the world and get the message out, so I think this might be a good way forward.

The broadcast will be accessible via a YouTube link, posted to my website, Facebook and Twitter accounts right before we start. We’ll see how it goes!