Amy Correia

This is the future of the music industry.

There’s no immediate need for record companies. The fund raising doubles as the marketing campaign. And it’s targeted directly at the specific audience, ie. fans. Like me!

I realise Amy’s not the first person to do this. But I’m just delighted to see it working now for someone whose music I actually listen to!

Polish Review of Two False Idols

I’ve just come across this new translation of a Polish review of Two False Idols, courtesy of, ermm, Microsoft Translator.

I have been reliably informed that Artur Chachlowski’s original review is poetic, glowing, and a pleasure to read. There exists the outside possibility that this translation therefore is not entirely accurate, and might be considered for entertainment purposes only.

For instance, I am mildly concerned about the DTS surround version of the album being referred to as a “Frisbee”.

Update! [3 June 2009]

As commissioned by Gus, and performed by Kasia, here’s a real translation! Many thanks to the human beings involved!

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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome me to the wonderful world of Twitter.

I’m @CravenBen, or if you don’t have an account just try:

I figure it will be an easier way of doing quick updates on the album as I’m recording it, while at the same time allowing even further levels of inanity.

For example, something like “I hope everyone else finds the hand claps I just put in the 10/8 song as funny as I did” hardly counts as a blog post now, does it.

As Seen on TV

Recently some of my tracks from Two False Idols have been popping up on Extra on Channel 9 Brisbane.

See if you can spot them, in this piece presented by Jasmin Geisel..

Song 6

It was a perfectly happy instrumental.

In fact, last week it rejected any vocal lines I came up with. Forget about them. It didn’t want them. It was nicely Celeste-like already thank you.

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