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  1. Hi,

    I’m from France and I’m interested by “Potions”.

    How can i Buy it ?

    Other question : is the package of the same of the one on the first page of your site ?


  2. Hello,

    I’m J-C le Brun, the webmaster of a french web site about progressive music

    I’ve heard Great & Terrible Potions on and it sounds good.

    I would like to write a review of your album for the web site.

    Could you eventualy send me a album to ear the album in better conditions than on a PC ?

    My postal adress is :

    Jean-Christophe Le Brun
    93 route de Lyon
    67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden

    Sincrely yours


  3. Hello Ben,

    i am the producer of the progressive Rock Radio show AWAKEN at the small free Radiostation free FM ( in Ulm, Germany.

    Would it be possible to receive a copy of your new (great;-)) CD Great and Terrible Potions for airplay in one of my next shows?

    The postal adress is:

    Radio free FM gGmbH
    Redaktion AWAKEN
    Platzgasse 18
    89073 Ulm/Germany

    Greetings from Germay

    P.S.: is this a Roger Dean Cover?

  4. Hello Ben,

    I’ve read a good review of your album on it possible to receive a copy of your album.I have a radio show every Sunday evening from 8 till 10 hrs P.M. (CET) on the internet radio station Laser ( with symphonic and progressive rock from then and now! I think your music will fit perfectly in my radioshow.

    Can you send me a copy of Great & Terrible Potions please?

    Kind regards,

    Ad van Loon
    Middelvaart 2
    4715 ES RUCPHEN
    The Netherlands

  5. Hi,

    Would you please be so kind to answer some questions for Dutch progmagazine iO Pages? Email will do fine.

    Best regards
    Antonie Deelen – iO Pages
    The Netherlands

  6. Seriously great work. I just picked up my Classic Rock PROG Mag and was delighted to see you listed on Prognosis 2.2. Really proud that Australia is once again producing some great prog music. As soon as I get paid, I’ll be sure to buy. From what I heard, its up there in my top 5 for 2011. Good luck with your future success, as I am sure it will come.

  7. Hello Ben,

    In the interview you did with Dutch prog mag iO Pages you stated that Syd Barrett’s “Opel” screams for a full band arrangement. Maybe it’s nice to know that German band RPWL did such an arrangement:

    It’s on their album “Stock” (2003).

    I hope you like the fact that we’re promoting your nice album in our Dutch CD library (see link).


  8. hello dear friend! how can buy the vinyl version when finally this one available?
    best wishes!

  9. hello ben! i am in my paypal account ready to buy the normal vinyl lp version of ” great…” shipping to spanish are 20AUD? is correct?

  10. Hello,

    Just heard a bit of Ben Craven music the other day, and No Specific Harm is awesome.
    How can I get the lyrics to this?
    When I buy the album, are the lyrics included?


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