Things To Come

Last Saturday the three-piece got together in the studio for an all-day session to capture our current live arrangements. This, we hope, will address our current habit of forgetting them. There were also a number of cameras present, so now there’s a double-whammy of audio and video waiting to be mixed and edited together. It captured a great moment in time and I’m hoping it will see an official release down the track.

Here is a sneak-peek of the opener, Diabolique. Just pretend your eyes are closed. Featuring Chad “The American” Borchard on bass, and Jason “Bloke Falling Down A Long Set Of Stairs With Drum Kit In Hand” Green.

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  1. Full On!

    Liked the ‘Emerson style’ keyboard tone that comes through, and the grandiloquent bass that had me reminiscing back to the early 70’s with Uriah Heep and Sabbath.

    Good stuff guys!

  2. Hey guys, this is fantastic. So much intensity and drama in just one composition. Very moving. Pure gold.

  3. Awesome! I loved every second of it. I’m with Greg on this one – Pure Gold!! 🙂

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