Great & Terrible Potions – Vinyl now available!


As some of you have already argued, this is the way Great & Terrible Potions was meant to be heard – on vinyl.

Well, the records have arrived, and are ready for shipping!

The album is pressed on 180 gram heavyweight “audiophile” vinyl, and factory-sealed in a magnificent gatefold sleeve designed by the great Roger Dean.

This is a limited production run and at present there are no plans for a repressing.

If you purchase the album from my Bandcamp site, you’ll get an immediate digital download of the CD version to go with it. I specifically mention “CD version” because the track running order and mix are slightly different for vinyl:

Side 1
1. Diabolique
2. Nobody Dies Forever
3. Aquamarine
4. Ready To Lose
5. The Conjurer

Side 2
1. No Specific Harm
2. Solace
3. Great & Terrible Potions

A quick note on international shipping. I’m not a fan of Australia Post’s prices, especially since they have no competition. I’ve managed to minimise the shipping cost by keeping the weight of the package just below 500 grams (this saved $20!). The flat fee I’m charging is the actual cost of postage and packaging to the US, and this amount is cheaper than most other countries.

So, Great & Terrible Potions on vinyl is now available at If you don’t already have the CD, you can order a combined package and save on shipping costs!

Now excuse me while I go find my anti-static carbon-fibre groove-cleaning brush.

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  1. Very exciting, Ben! A direct link to the good old days!

    I have a mental image of going into an actual record shop, flicking through the albums and suddenly seeing Great and Terrible Potions. I pick it up, take it to the counter and present the assistant with my crumpled £10 note. As I walk home, my palms are sweaty with expectancy. I rush up to my room take the black disk out – very carefully – and place it lovingly on the turntable. Very carefully, I start the mechanism, lower the needle, close my eyes – and immerse myself in prog rock heaven.

    Oops – sorry, probably too much information there 😉

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