Live at Ric’s Bar last Monday

First up, I’m pleased to report there were no train wrecks.

Secondly, here are some fantastic photos taken on the night by Michelle Aziz. I’m sure you’ll agree the execution more than makes up for the photogenic limitations of the subject matter.

And thirdly, if that wasn’t enough to knock all of us to the ground and leave us panting for more, here’s a bona-fide bootleg-quality video of the first live performance of Golden Band, well, ever.

My name is Ben Craven and I write songs for 10-piece prog rock bands. Then I massacre them by playing them solo.

Great Divide
Enough About You
If You Knew
Captain Caper
Not Me It’s You
Look Away
Ready To Lose The War (new song!)
Golden Band

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  1. Something for everyone. I loved this live, was ambivalent on the studio version. Clearly you need to do a “live” studio album! 🙂

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