Impro Gladiators

Tomorrow night I’ll be playing at the Impro Gladiators show at the Paddo Tavern in Brisbane, starting around 8pm.

The show is completely improvised by talented comedic performers, with plenty of audience suggestions. I’ll be sitting in with keyboardist Kris Anderson who regularly provides the music for these shows, and, frankly, does such a fantastic job on his own that it baffles me why he would want to jeopardise things by inviting me along.

Besides being a local impro music legend, Kris writes a blog called Musical Hotspot where he posts articles on music for improvised theatre. It’s everything that a helpful, instructional blog should be, and it seems I’m yet to convince him to turn it into a rambling self-serving blog like mine.

The prospect of going out there tomorrow night without having rehearsed anything to the point of boredom is, well, terrifying.

But all is not lost.

My secret plan is to blind everyone with technology. I’ve hooked up my Line 6 Variax 600 guitar with the POD XT Live, and set up such a vast variety of sounds (acoustics, electrics, banjo, sitar, bass, etc) that the audience won’t help but be so dazzled by the sonic colour on offer that they won’t notice the actual notes I’m playing.

Of course, if I do the job properly, they’ll hardly be listening to me at all.

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