Iso Distractions

Hi everyone

Hope you are staying safe and healthy during these extraordinary times.

To help distract you from the social-distancing blues (or exacerbate them, depending on your point of view), I’d like to draw your attention to some new videos I’ve shared recently.

Here’s the complete Last Chance To Hear album launch from way back in 2016 (at the Caxton Hotel here in Brisbane for those who remember!)

This show is and was available on my Bandcamp page, but due to Australia Post’s current restrictions, I’ve temporarily had to suspend all physical orders for a while until things get back closer to normal.

The ProgAustralis clips from our show last year at the Junk Bar keep sneaking out too!

There are still a couple of tracks left to edit, and then I can post the entire show as a single video.

And finally … there are several new TuneLeaks on my YouTube channel, from songs I’m finishing off for the next album. 

Until next time, please stay safe everyone.


PS. One minor upside during this situation is I finally have the chance to rescue the multitracks for Great & Terrible Potions from a fragile 10-year old PC. So a 5.1 surround remix will be coming very soon. 

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