Craven on Cravens

Time to spill the beans on a new project I’ve started working on, codenamed Band of Bruces.

In the late 1800s there was an Oklahoma outlaw named Ben Cravens. No kidding. By all accounts he was a pretty nasty sort of bloke – horse theft, holdups, murder, jailbreaks, fake IDs, downloading music, etc.

Now, ordinarily his life would be pretty good fodder for a concept album (“oh dear, did he just say concept album?”) if you’re a musician with country tendencies. But if you happen to share almost the same name as him, well the deal is done and dusted.

So here is the first track off the production line, Itchy Finger. Not the first track in the album order by any means (it’s actually towards the end somewhere). But it should give you a flavour of some things to come.

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  1. Just listen to your Itchy Finger track and I have to say I am impressed. A little different to what you have done in the past but it sounds great. I especially like the story behind the inspiration. Keep up the hard work and I can’t wait for the next installment!

  2. Hey nice work cous…very impressive sounds you creatin there!!
    Thanks for the updates on your music, nice to see/here where you at cousy-bro. Much love n light Xo

  3. Hi Ben,
    I enjoyed ‘Itchy Finger.’
    It has a very cool country feel to it.
    There are certain styles of country that I enjoy. I think most of it would fall under the heading of country rock. So there are few songs that I can fully enjoy on 98.9FM.
    I would like to hear ‘Itchy Finger’ on Murri Country though.
    Tony Parker

  4. Hi Ben, I ran across this site while doing some research on a family member—-the outlaw Ben Cravens. He was my grandmother’s uncle and her name was Addie Cravens and her father was William Cravens. She married my grandfather, J. R. Polston and they lived in northern Missouri.

    Uncle Ben was was one bad individual and a cold blooded killer.

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