Merry Holidays and New TuneLeak!

“The scourge of the city I spy in the sky…”

And so, the centrepiece of the new album (so far) begins. Or continues. Or concludes. Whatever.

Merry holidays everyone!

Hope you have a wonderful break, if you’re lucky enough to get one. I’ll be thinking of you all here as I enjoy a cold rum on a hot Christmas morning.

Now, as a self-indulgent present to myself and anyone else who might be interested, I finally “finished” the Spy In The Sky suite. (At this time of year we prefer not to use the term “abandoned”.)

Spy In The Sky Part 3 is an 8-minute sonic immersion of dense production, whispered lyrics and dueling solos. It’s now streaming at TuneLeak, and also available there for download. You probably know the deal by now. If you purchase the song from TuneLeak, you’ll get an equal discount off the album when it comes out, and earn my everlasting gratitude:

Thank you for your support through 2014! Next year should bring the new album Last Chance To Hear, some live work, and more TuneLeaks from other projects…

best wishes

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