TuneLeak Explained

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This is an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while.

It takes me quite a while to record an album, and for a lot of that time I’m sitting on almost-finished songs that I’m excited about but nobody else gets to hear. It might be much more interesting if I released them as I recorded them. They might not be finished yet, but as long as everyone understands that, I can happily go about the rest of the recording, secure in the knowledge that everything will become clear once the album comes out!

Like other independent artists I’m also very interested in fan-funded models. But I’m uncomfortable with the idea of asking for funds up-front, and then disappearing for a year or so until an album is finished. I’d much rather people get something for their money immediately (and often), with smaller outlays.

And finally, I read a lot of press about how the album is dying. This upsets me. Albums are a big part of my musical life and I don’t want to abandon the album format in favour of singles only.

So this is why I’m launching TuneLeak, a new music platform just for albums.

As I continue to record my new album, I’ll officially “leak” early versions of each track and make them available for purchase as digital downloads. When the album is finally released, you’ll receive a discount equal to the total amount you spent on the leaked tracks. So, if you download, say, five “TuneLeaks” at $1 per track, you’ll receive a $5 discount on the album. You don’t pay twice for the same song!

I’m excited about the idea and I’m putting my next album up there as the pilot project. If it works out, I hope to get other artists involved down the track.

Viva la album!

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