Band of Bruces

It’s not turning out quite the way I planned it.

While I’m getting on with the real business of recording the follow-up to Two False Idols, Band of Bruces is the name I’ve given to a side project of simpler songs. You know, music that doesn’t actually need four guitar parts to play live, or three-part vocal harmonies to sound right, or a bloke on theremin.

But guess what? Every simple song I start writing seems to be turning itself into a freaking Ben Craven song anyway.

For instance, one new song started off a few weeks ago as a single acoustic guitar number with only one vocal. But then counter melodies started presenting themselves. Counter melodies don’t grow on trees you know, so it would be shame if they weren’t played by something. What sounds good with acoustic guitar? Enter vibraphones, glockenspiels and then strings and things!

Or take the straight-up guitar rock song. Can’t go wrong there. Oh, but I happen to have a spare bridge that works with that, and, look, it just has a few modulating Yesisms in it..

But here’s the kicker. The project has already turned into an album. And the album already has a concept and a plot line fleshed out.

Fortunately I know when I’m licked. Performing these songs live without all the accoutrements will be fun. But leaving them naked and crying out in the studio?

That just wouldn’t be me!

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