Things To Come

Last Saturday the three-piece got together in the studio for an all-day session to capture our current live arrangements. This, we hope, will address our current habit of forgetting them. There were also a number of cameras present, so now there’s a double-whammy of audio and video waiting to be mixed and edited together. It captured a great moment in time and I’m hoping it will see an official release down the track.

Here is a sneak-peek of the opener, Diabolique. Just pretend your eyes are closed. Featuring Chad “The American” Borchard on bass, and Jason “Bloke Falling Down A Long Set Of Stairs With Drum Kit In Hand” Green.

Soundscape – Golden Band

PRESENTING, the first in a series of soundscapes created by some bloke with the original multitracks and too much time on his hands.

Should be a few more on the way soon.

For those who just came in, Golden Band is a key track off my first album, Two False Idols. It sounds almost, but not completely, unlike this.


RSPCA Gratitude Program

I was recently asked by Jasmin and Chris at Media Force Productions if I’d be interested in creating some music for a corporate video they were producing.

Damn straight, I told them. So I quickly wrote a song, to spec, in between recording sessions for the new album.

It’s completely different from anything you’ll hear on ‘Great & Terrible Potions‘. It’s not multi-layered, indulgent, pompous, or completely over the top.

But it still has some redeeming features!

Let me know what you think. You can hear it opening the clip. I should probably get in there and finish it.