Live at Ric’s Bar last Monday

First up, I’m pleased to report there were no train wrecks.

Secondly, here are some fantastic photos taken on the night by Michelle Aziz. I’m sure you’ll agree the execution more than makes up for the photogenic limitations of the subject matter.

And thirdly, if that wasn’t enough to knock all of us to the ground and leave us panting for more, here’s a bona-fide bootleg-quality video of the first live performance of Golden Band, well, ever.

My name is Ben Craven and I write songs for 10-piece prog rock bands. Then I massacre them by playing them solo.

Great Divide
Enough About You
If You Knew
Captain Caper
Not Me It’s You
Look Away
Ready To Lose The War (new song!)
Golden Band

Solo gig 20 July – Update

More on my gig at Ric’s Bar (Brunswick St Mall, Brisbane) next Monday night…

I’ll be stumbling out at 9:30pm, hopefully after the consumption of several confidence boosters.

Highlights-to-be include the live debut of Golden Band, the acoustic premiere of Not Me It’s You, and a sneak preview of a new song, Ready To Lose The War, from the upcoming album. As long as I finish the lyrics in time!

I’ll also be introducing my new second guitarist, Bruce. He plays exactly what I tell him:

Boss RC-20XL (Bruce!)

Solo gig on 20 July

Breaking news is that I’ll be playing a solo spot at Ric’s Bar (Fortitude Valley, Brisbane) on Monday the 20th of July, supporting my new best mates, Disnae Matter.

Which means now I finally have to figure out how to do justice to songs originally arranged for, inconveniently, five guitars, two keyboards, Chris Squire, a string orchestra, and a virtuoso triangle player. So Golden Band will either be delicately glorious in its intimacy, or a train wreck. Be sure you’re there when we all find out which!


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome me to the wonderful world of Twitter.

I’m @CravenBen, or if you don’t have an account just try:

I figure it will be an easier way of doing quick updates on the album as I’m recording it, while at the same time allowing even further levels of inanity.

For example, something like “I hope everyone else finds the hand claps I just put in the 10/8 song as funny as I did” hardly counts as a blog post now, does it.

As Seen on TV

Recently some of my tracks from Two False Idols have been popping up on Extra on Channel 9 Brisbane.

See if you can spot them, in this piece presented by Jasmin Geisel..

Song 6

It was a perfectly happy instrumental.

In fact, last week it rejected any vocal lines I came up with. Forget about them. It didn’t want them. It was nicely Celeste-like already thank you.

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Kansas/Oklahoma Line

In a tortuous process exactly not unlike staring at a piece of blank paper until your forehead bleeds (DNA), I’ve finished up the lyrics for the next Band of Bruces masterpiece.

This time it’s the opening track, Break In Break Out.

As you might suspect, it’s a bit of a wordy number. Expect to hear the demo pretty soon.

There Used To Be A Ballpark

My studio is moving!

Fortunately I didn’t name Desert Comb Studios after its location.

Anyway, the move is only a few suburbs, but it has – temporarily – put the brakes on the new track Itchy Finger.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts, where I’ll spill the beans on the Band Of Bruces concept album, and feature the new track..