Iso Distractions

Hi everyone

Hope you are staying safe and healthy during these extraordinary times.

To help distract you from the social-distancing blues (or exacerbate them, depending on your point of view), I’d like to draw your attention to some new videos I’ve shared recently.

Here’s the complete Last Chance To Hear album launch from way back in 2016 (at the Caxton Hotel here in Brisbane for those who remember!)

This show is and was available on my Bandcamp page, but due to Australia Post’s current restrictions, I’ve temporarily had to suspend all physical orders for a while until things get back closer to normal.

The ProgAustralis clips from our show last year at the Junk Bar keep sneaking out too!

There are still a couple of tracks left to edit, and then I can post the entire show as a single video.

And finally … there are several new TuneLeaks on my YouTube channel, from songs I’m finishing off for the next album. 

Until next time, please stay safe everyone.


PS. One minor upside during this situation is I finally have the chance to rescue the multitracks for Great & Terrible Potions from a fragile 10-year old PC. So a 5.1 surround remix will be coming very soon. 

Patreon Update – Download “Spy In The Sky” by ProgAustralis

So, the video went up a couple of weeks ago .. and here’s the audio for download.

The track has evolved here a bit further than last time I played it at the Last Chance To Hear album launch – which you can still listen to here

Specifically .. a bit more creative percussion accompanying Mr Shatner. And a bit of a guitar/keyboard solo duel at the end, courtesy of Tim Bennetts on keys.

Still editing the rest of the gig and it will eventually be posted on Patreon in its entirety!

You can access all my Patreon content from as little as $1 USD per month.

ProgAustralis – “The Court Of The Crimson King”

“The Court Of The Crimson King” … also teasing “Starless” – live at the Junk Bar, Ashgrove, Australia, 6 July 2019. 

ProgAustralis are:
Tim Bennetts – keys, vocals
Ben Craven – guitar, vocals, loops

Audio download available soon for Patreon supporters, along with the promised Spy In The Sky!

Season’s Greetings!

Hi everyone!

I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Lively Life Day and Sparkling Solstice.

Thank you for your support during the year, and special thanks to my amazing Patreon subscribers.

So here’s a quick list of what you might have missed from Camp Craven over the last few weeks:

From the ProgAustralis show earlier this year, Tim Bennetts and I unleash the latest version of Spy In The Sky (featuring William Shatner), now with more Star Trek!

We also tease with a bit of Sorrow. Next time we’ll learn the whole song.

The lost second episode of the FrankenOpenDiscussion podcast, confusingly masquerading as the third episode. Opening enthusiasm for Rick Beato and the recent Tool album swiftly transforms into a rousing debate about how artists can get paid for their work in the age of streaming.

Behind the music! The making of “Turn Out The Light” and how the ‘Fido collaborated to record one of the most significant* songs in the history of music itself.

*Your definition of “significant” may differ from that of Frankenfido, its subsidiaries and shareholders.

Have a wonderful break and remember – kids, don’t do drugs.


I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and have come to the conclusion that the old-fashioned patronage model is probably the best way to move forward if I want to keep making music.
So I have set up a Patreon page.
My aim here is to post bonus content for anyone who’s interested. Video updates, audio downloads, previews of new music, Bandcamp discounts… From as little as $1 per month, all this can be yours!
Some of you might remember I experimented with a similar approach (“TuneLeak”) while recording my last album. The TuneLeaks are alive and well again, but this time on Patreon.
All your support is appreciated!

Binaural Surround Test

I’ve been experimenting with binaural surround sound.

We only have two ears, yet we can still determine if a sound is coming from behind us, above us, below us, and so on.

What this means is we should be able to experience full surround sound using a normal pair of headphones and a standard stereo music file. 

For this test, I’ve taken an excerpt of the 5.1 surround mix of Frankenfido’s “Turn Out The Light”, virtually placing the speakers around the sound field using Ambisonics, and converted the output to a stereo file for headphone listening.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares exactly the same ear canal and ear shape, so our individual brains all process sounds slightly differently.

This is where you come in!

Please take a listen – using headphones – and let me know if the surround effect works for you.

For instance, the solo guitar at the beginning of clip pans all around the listener. And the voices in the next section appear from behind the listener. (Possibly!)


New music & video (Frankenfido & ProgAustralis)

Just a quick update to let you know I have new music out there!

Recently released with Frankenfido is our new song “Watcher On The Wall”. It’s a melancholy acoustic track that builds up to a huge chorus and an inevitable guitar solo. (Can you believe it?)

Available now from Bandcamp!

And, from my recent ProgAustralis show with Tim Bennetts, here’s our first performance from the evening, Echoes, in all its twenty minute glory:

More videos soon – I’ll be uploading them as I finish mixing down the audio!

CD is dead? Vinyl is king? Streaming will win? The results are in!


According to a survey of highly-intelligent music enthusiasts who have actively purchased music in the past (and also happen to listen to Australian progressive-rock artist Ben Craven), it appears that the humble CD is far from extinct.

Participants were asked their preferred format of choice for Craven’s forthcoming album.

Given the options of using streaming services, downloading digital files, purchasing CDs or purchasing vinyl, 60% of respondents expressed their preference for CDs, followed by 27% for vinyl.

In a surprise twist that will warm the hearts of independent artists, no respondents favoured streaming only, and several suggested Craven boycott major streaming services altogether due to the minimal royalty rates.

Progressive rock would seem then to be one of the few remaining music genres whose listeners appreciate lavish packaging and artwork, and enjoy the tactile response of the physical object, be it CD or vinyl.

However, the following should made clear:

Nobody requested cassette tapes.


Live show, new music and … a question!

Hi everyone. Long time no update!

First up .. On Friday 5 July I’ll be playing a secret gig at the Junk Bar, Ashgrove (Brisbane) as part of a new duo called ProgAustralis. Tim Bennetts and I will perform the music of Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson and .. Ben Craven! Please head to our website if you’d like to grab tickets, or just want more information:

Next! Filling the airwaves on all good Australian radio stations as we speak, is the new track Turn Out The Light by my other band, Frankenfido. It’s a gothic tale of a man beyond redemption, with a loving nod towards 80’s production values. I really had a lot of fun with this track. Check it out at:

And finally, a question for you. A new Ben Craven album will be coming out very soon and I’ve started thinking about options for physical release. I’m leaning towards ditching CD altogether this time and going for vinyl only. Of course, a high-resolution lossless digital download would still be available separately. But I’d really appreciate your feedback.

What’s your preferred format for purchasing or listening to music?

1 – CD only (with download)
2 – Vinyl only (with download)
3 – CD and vinyl (with download)
4 – Download only. Who needs physical!
5 – Streaming only. No purchase!

Well there you have it. Until next time!