New Album Update!

An extended period of silence on the blog-posting front can only mean one thing.

I’m ensconced in the studio.

The next album is coming along swimmingly now. All the instruments have been recorded, and just this last week the vocals were completed.

Now I’m in the final mixing stage. And I’m struck with a strange sense of deja vu reminding me of mixing Two False Idols. That is, I went into it expecting sonic clarity, before discovering just how much sweeter echo made everything sound. Vocals, guitar solos, squeaking brakes, you name it. Vocals, guitar solos, squeaking brakes, you name it.

But on this new album, some of the musical arrangements are so completely over the top that, without a dry sound, the individual instruments just get lost in the mix. So as a rule of thumb I’m taking more of a documentary-style approach. I’m simply reporting on all the tracks that have already been recorded and trying to bring them out in the best light.

Man, but this slide guitar here sure sounds great with a bit more delay. And geez this lead vocal has so much more presence with a bit of echo. And these band-shifted radio signals sound much scarier..

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  1. Hey Ben, listened to the new album clip . . .think it sounds great! It sounds pretty full on, I but I reckon you’ve walked a nice fine line between “over the top” and a big audio experience . . .congratulations 🙂

    [Ben: Thanks Nel, but I can read between the lines – it’s not over-the-top enough, huh 😉 ]

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