Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome me to the wonderful world of Twitter.

I’m @CravenBen, or if you don’t have an account just try:

I figure it will be an easier way of doing quick updates on the album as I’m recording it, while at the same time allowing even further levels of inanity.

For example, something like “I hope everyone else finds the hand claps I just put in the 10/8 song as funny as I did” hardly counts as a blog post now, does it.

As Seen on TV

Recently some of my tracks from Two False Idols have been popping up on Extra on Channel 9 Brisbane.

See if you can spot them, in this piece presented by Jasmin Geisel..

Song 6

It was a perfectly happy instrumental.

In fact, last week it rejected any vocal lines I came up with. Forget about them. It didn’t want them. It was nicely Celeste-like already thank you.

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Kansas/Oklahoma Line

In a tortuous process exactly not unlike staring at a piece of blank paper until your forehead bleeds (DNA), I’ve finished up the lyrics for the next Band of Bruces masterpiece.

This time it’s the opening track, Break In Break Out.

As you might suspect, it’s a bit of a wordy number. Expect to hear the demo pretty soon.

There Used To Be A Ballpark

My studio is moving!

Fortunately I didn’t name Desert Comb Studios after its location.

Anyway, the move is only a few suburbs, but it has – temporarily – put the brakes on the new track Itchy Finger.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts, where I’ll spill the beans on the Band Of Bruces concept album, and feature the new track..

Band of Bruces

It’s not turning out quite the way I planned it.

While I’m getting on with the real business of recording the follow-up to Two False Idols, Band of Bruces is the name I’ve given to a side project of simpler songs. You know, music that doesn’t actually need four guitar parts to play live, or three-part vocal harmonies to sound right, or a bloke on theremin.

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Hi everyone. My name is Ben, and it’s been two years since my last song.

Well that’s not entirely true.

I’m a songwriter/musician/producer from Brisbane, Australia. In other words, I’m whatever I have to be to record and put out my own music.

Two years ago I released my debut album, Two False Idols, under the name of Tunisia. I described it as “cinematic rock”. Phil the marketing bloke called it “progressive singer-songwriter”, which was even better. It came out on my own label, Desert Comb Music, and was physically distributed by Cargo Records across Europe. It’s also available on iTunes just about everywhere.

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