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Well, the word is out. This Tuesday, my album “Last Chance To Hear” is finally being released on Bandcamp!

And I’m incredibly excited to announce that one track features a very special guest vocalist… None other than William Shatner!

Meanwhile a new single, “The Remarkable Man”, is now up on Youtube:

TuneLeaks Completed!

Well, the “Last Chance To Hear” album is now completed, the artwork almost nailed, and we’re just about ready to ship everything off for manufacture.

Thank you everyone who came along on the TuneLeak journey! You will receive more information later this week about ordering “Last Chance To Hear” from my Bandcamp page, if you are so inclined.

This was a fun experiment! Based on your feedback and my own experience, I’ll definitely do something similar for the next album, maybe with a couple of changes.

New TuneLeak! – Last Chance To Hear Part 1

Unleashing… the opening track from my new album-in-progress, Last Chance To Hear!

Appropriately titled, “Last Chance To Hear Part 1”.

(Yes, there is a Part 2 and it will most likely close the album.)

This is perhaps a little more over-the-top for me than usual – one part demented chat show theme and one part acerbic call to arms. Then everything goes to heck.

You can listen to it (and purchase) right here.

As always, the new track is available for download from the TuneLeak website. If you purchase it, you’ll receive an equal discount off the album once it becomes available. Everybody wins!

Variax MIDI breakout cable

Got a Line 6 Variax you want to hook up to use the Workbench software, but don’t own a POD device you can use as an interface to a PC?

Nope? Well it’s my blog. And I’ll probably forget how I did this if I don’t post it here.

With a network cable, a couple of 5-pin DIN sockets, and just the right amount of electrical tape, I achieved the classy result you see below:

I borrowed this hard-to-find diagram from the internet and added pin numbers for MIDI sockets. I used sockets so I could connect it to one of those USB-MIDI cables on the run. You could just as easily use plugs. Just pay attention to the orientation of pins 4 and 5. I accidentally had them reversed at first and the result was not immediately spectacular. (Ignore the AES and 7V stuff.)

Voila! Line 6 Monkey and Variax Workbench now happily recognise my Variax 600 via MIDI cables.

Announcing “Anil Sound”!

MY DEBUT ALBUM PROJECT/RETIREMENT FROM MUSIC JOURNALISM:I'm pleased to announce my first recording project, ‘Scoop…

Posted by Anil Prasad on Wednesday, April 1, 2015